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Growing is hard work. Mills makes it pay off.

As a grower, you’re no stranger to hard work. Bringing your passion to life takes dedication. It’s an effort you make because you believe deeply in what you do. At Mills Nutrients, we share that belief. We want growers all over the world to have access to the nutrients they need to succeed. Because when you put your heart into your grow, you deserve to have your hard work pay off.



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About Mills

Ever wonder why the Dutch are world leaders in agriculture? With such a small country, we simply don’t have room to mess around. Our tradition of innovation was born out of common sense: growing is an art and a science. At Mills, we push that science to the limit. The results speak for themselves. Our nutrients are your plants’ best friends, specifically engineered to help them thrive in every stage of development with any substrate or hydroponic growing method. And the best part? Our commitment to quality delivers unbeatable product value.




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