Image of Mills Nutrients on display at Medical Cannabis Platform for Innovation

MCPIR: Free Knowledge Seminar

The one-stop shop for licensed producers and investors, The Medical Cannabis Platform for Innovation and Research (MCPIR), is back, and they are spitting knowledge at us. If you’re new to The MCPIR, it is a groundbreaking project searching for a blueprint for growing cannabis. And the best bit is, it’s not a secret; they’re telling everyone what they learn.

MCPIR: Update

Once somebody stamped all the paperwork in December 2023, The MCPIR has been hard at it. To celebrate all its excellent work so far, it held a phenotyping and mother stocking event in April. It gave a selected few a look around the facility.

Next up for the innovators is another free knowledge seminar on 10th June 2024, in Bleiswijk, the Netherlands, and they are giving more growers a chance to learn about the latest advancements in cannabis research. The seminar is happening in the run-up to Greentech, so this could be the perfect way to warm up for the industry titans you will meet in the following days.

Team Mills at The Mills Medical Cannabis Platform for Innovation and Research

What’s Going On:

It will be a busy morning / early afternoon. Still, lunch is on MCPIR, and you’re being fed the latest from the frontline in growing knowledge. It can’t be all bad, can it? Join us and meet the leading companies in the Dutch cannabis industry, and gain insight into lighting, phenotyping and climate innovations. Put 10th June in your diary! It’s right before Greentech, and it’s free. What more could you ask for from the leading experts in growing cannabis?

On the agenda:

  • How to set up lighting strategies for optimal growth in every stage!
  • Phenotyping: what’s next in spectral imaging?
  • Optimal climate strategies for your cannabis crop!

If you want a free ticket for this event, move fast and avoid missing out. The MCPIR has plenty of space for plants but only a few for people. Get ahead of the crowds and sign up here.


Mills and MCPIR:

Mills wants to tell the world and its mates we’re proud to be a founding member of MCPIR; we can barely contain the excitement from this groundbreaking project. Come and get a taste of it for yourself. Mill’s will see you there. We will be up and at it promoting our nutrients, the same ones getting the job done for MCPIR.


For more information about The Medical Cannabis Platform for Innovation and Research, please contact