Base: Energise your plants

At Mills Nutrients, we want to help you get the best results possible and strive to bring you products that do that. If you’re going to make your next grow organic. We’ve got you covered every step of the way. There’s no better place to start than with Base.

Base: Organic Nutrients

Base by Mills is an organic nutrient developed to ensure your plants get the best chance to succeed at every growth stage. Totally organic and 100% vegan, Base is the most complete and easy-to-use blend of organic micro and macronutrients. And it gets exceptional results.

What does Base do:

It provides complex plant nutrition at every stage of the life cycle and is one of the best things you can give to your plants. For all its greatness, let’s break it down into three main features. Base provides a strong foundation, giving plants the best start. It is high in organic matter, contributing to improved soil structure and properties, and it boosts the energy levels of the plant cells during the chelation stage, which makes it easier to take in nutrients.

  •  Increases resistance against stress conditions
  •  Prevents mineral deficiency
  •  Better rooting system
  •  Improves the metabolism and enzyme development
  •  Higher cellular division
  •  Improves the soil structure and soil properties
  •  Better nutrient uptake
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Energize your plants with nutrients developed to ensure optimal growth in every life cycle stage.

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What is chelation, and how does Base help:

The chelation process involves binding metal ions to organic compounds, such as amino or organic acids, to form stable complexes. This process aids in absorbing, transporting, and the plant’s absorption and uptake of available nutrients. By using Base, you provide the plant cells with a boost of energy and improve your plant’s ability to take on food.

How much of Base do plants need:

The dose varies from 0.5ml to 8ml per litre of water, depending on the growth and bloom stage. Let us work it out with the Mills Nutrient Calculator if in doubt. The Mills Calculator works with all Mills products: give it a go. Looking after your plants has never been this easy.

It’s 100% Vegan:

Mills Organics are OMRI, and Vegan Society approved. Base is 100% vegan.