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Medicinal Cannabis Research Update

Like the other founding members of the Medical Cannabis Platform for Innovation and Research, Mills was happy to celebrate Christmas a little early last year when we heard it got the license needed to press ahead with the next stage of its five-year project. 

What is the MCPIR?

MCPIR is a collaboration between various industry leaders within the medical cannabis sector. This project involves Delphy, Koppert, Mills Nutrients, Paradise Seeds, Philips horticulture LED solutions from Signify, Priva, as well as Brightlabs, Can-Filters, Cannabis Drying, Cannavigia, DLVge, and Van Vliet Newwen. 

What next for MCPIR? Medical Cannabis Platform for Innovation and Research,

MCPIR aims to develop a blueprint for professionalising medicinal cannabis cultivation by conducting research in its fully operational state-of-the-art research facility. Now that the project has recognition, the hard work begins. MCPIR starts selecting the right cannabis genetics for the blueprint. The researchers will examine factors such as plant resistance, chemical profile, plant structure, yield and growth patterns. This process will take several months. In addition, the MCPIR aims to discover the optimal temperature/light ratio (RTR ratio temperature radiation) and will examine it in combination with the correct nutrients, biostimulants and climate settings.

Mills and The MCPIR 

Mills is proud to play its part and supply the MCPIR with the best nutrients for the job. Since our inception, we have said you get better results and that we can show you how. There is no bigger stage than the MCPIR to prove this.