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Vitalize—a plant health and growth breakthrough.

As a grower, we know you want the best for your plants. We also know you work hard to give your plants what they need. At Mills Nutrients, we want to help your hard work pay off, so we developed Vitalize. The best friend you didn’t know you needed.

Vitalize is a fast-acting form of silicon by Mills Nutrients that will boost nutrient intake, promote faster growth, and protect plants from diseases like mildew. Vitalize is the secret weapon for growers; you’ll wonder how you grew without it. It’s over 1000x more dissolvable than any other silicon. The results are visible in 24 to 36 hours!

What does Vitalize do? 

Stimulates growth :

Mills Vitalize is fast-acting. Within 24 hours, your plant cell walls will form a silicon-cellulose structure way more robust than a cellulose structure alone. Silicon is like a cement that hardens the plant’s cellular structure to promote faster growth, but because it is a fixed element, it needs to be added as the plants develop.


Improves nutrient uptake:

Because of the more robust, smoother cell walls within the plants, they better uptake nutrients. It increases the uptake of zinc and raises nitrogen availability in the soil. Much nitrogen is lost in soil, and silicon naturally slows that process. Silicon also balances phosphorus uptake, so there won’t be an overkill of phosphor when using a pk-booster in the blooming stage, for example.


Mills Vitalize.

Mills is the first company to offer a highly bioavailable and soluble form of silica with Vitalize. A breakthrough in plant health and growth.

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Promotes calcium absorbtion: 

Vitalize ensures better roots in the early development stage, which promotes the absorption of calcium. It does this by controlling the plant’s anti-stress metabolic processes, which improves its resilience—making plants more productive during challenging stages of cultivation. 

Protects against metal poisoning:

Cannabis plants need certain essential metals to thrive, but too much of a good thing can be harmful. Metal poisoning will negatively affect your harvest/yield and be unhealthy. For example, Iron, Zinc and Manganese are required for good growth, but too much uptake can lead to metal poisoning. Vitalize competes with those metals to be absorbed and prevents metal poisoning. 

Protects against bugs and diseases:

Vitalize makes the cell walls of your plants harder. The stronger the cell walls, the more challenging it is for insects to penetrate and the less susceptible the plant is to mildew. Vitalize can also be applied using the foliar feeding technique- spray it directly on the leaves to absorb once a week, and an added layer of protection will form on the leaves and the stem. 

Improves yield:

Using silicon produces healthy plants with big, shiny leaves and thicker, stronger stems and branches. Healthy plants with big leaves absorb maximum light, which results in bigger plants and higher yields. 

Vitalize: Mills Nutrients 

Because Mills Vitalize works so well, a little bit goes a long way. During vegetation, the plant only needs 0.2 ml per 1 litre and 0.1 ml per 1 litre in the later flower phase. Check out the Mills Growth Charts to get the most from Vitalize.