Mills Ultimate PK
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Ultimate PK booster

Push your plants to the limit. Give your plants the extra horsepower they need at the end of their flowering cycle with Mills Ultimate PK.


Produce better fruits

Using Ultimate PK, your plants will start to produce denser, heavier and healthier fruits and retain their vitality at the end of their flowering cycle.

Enriched with essential micronutrients

Ultimate PK is enriched with essential micronutrients, chelated for excellent plant absorption.

Larger & harder fruit and flowers

Go for ultimate plant health, extreme yield and maximum quality of your fruits with Ultimate PK.

How it works.

As a grower, you’re no stranger to hard work. Bringing your passion to life takes dedication. It’s an effort you make because you believe deeply in what you do. At Mills Nutrients, we share that belief. Mills Nutrients Home
Ultimate PK

Do this to boost your bloom stage.

Use Ultimate PK from week 5 of the flowering phase, starting with 2 ml per liter of water, increasing to 2.5 ml per liter from week 7 of flowering. Check out our growth chart for the exact dosages throughout your grow.