Nutrients regular


Organic-mineral additive for use with seedlings, vegetatively growing plants and plants in early bloom. A jumpstart to get your grow thriving!


Strong root formation

Promotes a healthy root system in the early stages of your grow, for larger yields.

Rapid recovery from transplant shock

Minimize the impact of transplant shock, by allowing for rapid recovery.

Organic mineral formulation

Our unique organic mineral blend gives you the best of both worlds combined in one bottle.

How it works.

As a grower, you’re no stranger to hard work. Bringing your passion to life takes dedication. It’s an effort you make because you believe deeply in what you do. At Mills Nutrients, we share that belief. Mills Nutrients Home

Start in week 1 of the growth phase.

Start with Start-R from week 1 of the growth phase, with only 1 ml per liter of water until the 2nd week of flowering. Consult our growth chart for the exact dosage throughout your grow!