Mills pH-

Mills pH- supplement works to stabilize and optimize the pH levels of your plant’s irrigation water throughout the growing cycle. This additive can be used to adjust pH levels throughout all stages of cultivation – keeping pH levels firmly between 5.5-6.0 for hydro and 6.0-6.5 for soil. Ensuring you have the correct pH levels is essential to promoting rapid, vigorous growth and ensuring nutrients and soil are in desired ratios.


Optimizes the pH-value of your nutrition

pH- can be used to optimize the pH value of your nutrition at any stage of your grow.

Optimizes the pH-value of your substrate

The right pH ensures that your nutrients and soil are in perfect balance, to produce the best possible flowers.

Highly concentrated

Highly concentrated 59% phosphoric acid solution for strong effect and longer use.

How it works.

A cultivator cusps two hands full of fertile soil - bio-mineral plant nutrients
Mills pH-

How it works.

MILLS pH- is highly concentrated. Apply dropwise in small steps to decrease the pH to the desired level.