Mills substrates regular

Mills Light Mix

Mills Light Mix is a peat-based blend with added sphagnum and perlite, ideal for commercial applications. Pre-fertilized with NPK 14-16-18 for the best start for your plant.



Pre-fertilized soil

Mills Light Mix is already fertilized. Spread the mix and be ensured that your plants have everything they need to succeed.

Carefully selected mosses

Mills uses only carefully selected and filtered mosses.

Dependable results

Mills Light Mix gives your plants everything they need, nothing they don’t.

How it works.

As a grower, you’re no stranger to hard work. Bringing your passion to life takes dedication. It’s an effort you make because you believe deeply in what you do. At Mills Nutrients, we share that belief. Mills Nutrients Home
Mills Light Mix

How it works.

EC value of 1.2-1.4 follow the feeding schedule directly.