Mills Coco and Cork
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Mills Coco & Cork

Mills Coco & Cork is a fine blend of 75% RHP certified coco peat and 25% fine cork. This substrate provides superior aeration for the ultimate root development, so there is no need for perlite.


No need for mixing or buffering

Mills Coco & Cork is ready to be used right away, no need for mixing or buffering.

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor cultivation

Whether you grow outdoors or indoors, Mills Coco & Cork is suitable.

Maximizes growth, enhances flavors

The combo of premium coco, natural cork and top-quality organic ingredients maximizes growth and enhances the natural flavors of your plant.

How it works.

Mills Coco & Cork

How it works.

Simply add Mills Coco & Cork to your pots, spread it evenly and start your grow! For higher yields, use in combination with additional fertilization from the Mills Organics range.