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Encourage early flower sets with C4 by Mills Nutrients and unleash the full potential of your plants.


Stimulate early flower sets

C4 assists the delivery of carbohydrates to the plant and facilitates the production of complex essential oils.

Designed to assist the delivery of carbohydrates

Our advanced bloom stimulator is specifically designed to assist the plant's delivery of carbohydrates.

Complex mix for best results

The wider the spectrum, the better the results. That is why C4 contains a complex mix of sugars, vitamins, amino- and humic acids.

How it works.


Tiny dosage, big boom!.

C4 is highly concentrated, so you only need a tiny dosage for extraordinary results. Use from week 2 in flowering with 0.5 ml per liter of water increasing to 1.5 ml per liter in later stage. Consult our growth chart for the exact dosage throughout your grow!