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Voted the UK’s favourite nutrient brand for the past 5 years, Mills Nutrients UK are the proud distributor of the famous red bottles and high-end substrate ranges from Holland. A compact, high quality organic mineral blend, giving you that organic quality while delivering the yields you expect from a mineral fertiliser. From industry awards to world record vegetable accolades, Mills Nutrients and substrates offer your plants consistent results you can rely on.

We deliver unmatched service and support to our partners through innovative marketing, in store events and a crack sales team on the road. Our partner stores have customised shop displays, open days and bespoke artwork to ensure they have all the tools necessary to promote and deliver the best products at the best prices. Speak to a sales representative today to become a stockist.

Want to know more about the range? Check out our online product pages, social media accounts and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming open days and events in your area.

Mills Nutrients

Proud Sponsors of Tomato Revolution.

We are thrilled to announce that Mills Nutrients is now a proud sponsor of Tomato Revolution! Based in Wiltshire, UK, Lance Turner has been nurturing and growing unique tomato varieties for over 15 years. He has developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the cultivation of these delightful fruits.

A cultivator cusps two hands full of fertile soil - bio-mineral plant nutrients
Mills Nutrients

High-quality soil ingredients.

After conducting extensive research and exploring various options, Lance decided to use Mills Nutrients and Substrates for their straightforward feeding regime and high-quality soil ingredients. He recounts the challenges he faced in March last year when he was forced to resow all of his tomatoes. The compost he had been using contained an excessive amount of fertiliser, which overwhelmed the plants and stunted the development of their root systems.

Crops of tomatos - At Mills Nutrients, we want growers all over the world to have access to the nutrients they need to succeed. Because when you put your heart into your grow, you deserve to have your hard work pay off. Mills Nutrients Home
Mills Nutrients


During the lockdown period, compost sales saw a significant increase, and unfortunately, this led to a decline in quality. Many growers experienced issues as a result of this drop in standards. To combat these challenges, Lance now uses Mills Light Mix to start all of his seedlings. This mix contains just the right amount of fertiliser, ensuring that the plants can develop strong root systems. The light texture of the mix also allows for easier root penetration, resulting in healthier, more resilient plants.

Mills Nutrients

Fantastic partnership.

Lance is also planning to use Mills mix in his hydroponic system throughout the year, demonstrating his confidence in our product range.

We, at Mills Nutrients, are incredibly excited to be supporting Tomato Revolution and look forward to seeing the remarkable results that Lance achieves using our products. Stay tuned for more updates on this fantastic partnership, and prepare to be inspired by the Tomato Revolution!

Mills, Start-R Your Engines: A Summer of Thrilling Track Days

Get ready to rev up your engines with Mills Nutrients as we bring you the ultimate motoring experience! ProjectX, our very own BMW E36 track car, is ready to take you on an exhilarating ride you won’t forget. Join the Mills team for an unforgettable day at the track, where you’ll get the chance to test your skills and feel the thrill of driving a high-performance car.

We recently invited the GreenSpirit Hydroponics team to join us at the iconic Oulton Park Circuit in the UK for a day filled with adrenaline-pumping action. With a rich history dating back to 1953, Oulton Park is a favourite among racing enthusiasts and has been the stage for many unforgettable moments in British motorsport.

Now it’s your turn to create your own memorable moments behind the wheel of ProjectX. Our BMW E36 track car is meticulously maintained and tuned for optimal performance, ensuring that you’ll have a driving experience like no other. As you tackle the twists and turns of the track, you’ll feel the power of the car beneath you and the rush of adrenaline coursing through your veins.

Are you ready to take on the ‘Mills Timelapse Challenge’? See if you have what it takes to top the leaderboard and claim bragging rights among your fellow racers. For more information on this exciting opportunity, get in touch with your local Mills sales representative.

We’re looking forward to a summer filled with exhilarating track days and can’t wait to share this incredible experience with you. So, strap in, buckle up, and let’s Start-R your engines with Mills Nutrients!

Mills UK

Mills Marvellous Comics: Entertaining and Informative

Introducing Mills Marvellous Comics – a groundbreaking series that combines entertainment with valuable information about our range of nutrients. With a brand new edition published every two months, we aim to educate and inspire readers about the benefits and usage of our products. What sets our comics apart is the exceptional artwork by our talented in-house illustrators, who meticulously hand-draw each edition.

As a grower, you’re no stranger to hard work. Bringing your passion to life takes dedication. It’s an effort you make because you believe deeply in what you do. At Mills Nutrients, we share that belief. Mills Nutrients Home
Mills UK

An Industry First: Comics with a Purpose

Mills Marvellous Comics is a trailblazer, harnessing the power of comics to bring the Mills message to the masses. Our unique approach combines enjoyment with education, providing valuable insights into the benefits and application of our nutrient range in a fun and engaging format.

Picture of nutrient cannisters - bio-mineral plant nutrients
Mills UK

Diving into Our Nutrient Range

Each issue of Mills Marvellous Comics will cover advice on using a different nutrient from our range. The first issue delves into our A and B range, while the second issue focuses on our Start-R product. As the series progresses, readers will gain valuable knowledge on how to effectively use each nutrient to achieve the best results for their plants.

Picture of nutrient cannisters - bio-mineral plant nutrients
Mills UK

Connecting with Readers through Engaging Storytelling

Our comics have already proven to be a hit, with numerous readers appreciating the engaging and informative content. Mills Marvellous Comics is more than just an entertaining read – we’re on a mission to spread knowledge about our nutrient range through compelling narratives and vivid illustrations crafted by our skilled artists.

Don’t miss out on the chance to join the Mills Marvellous Comics adventure! Keep an eye out for our latest editions and immerse yourself in the world of plant nutrients, brought to life through the creative storytelling and captivating artwork of our talented team

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