Here at Mills we are fully dedicated to design the best quality in plant nutrients the market has to offer. The entire range of Mills products are manufactured in Amsterdam, Holland and are suitable for cultivating any crop in all growing mediums. Both for the professional as well as for the hobbyist, Mills Nutrients is the ideal partner.

Mills is the result of a decade’s worth of research. Our nutrients are tested in the lab as well as in the field, by specialists and enthusiasts alike. The result is a unique lineup of bio-mineral products that are sure to provide in all nutritional elements needed.

In recent years cultivating crop was entirely about yield. Quantity was king, while the quality seemed to matter less and less. Moreover, the symbiosis between soil life and crop was often neglected. At Mills, however, we think this correlation is not one to overlook. Therefore we strive for our products to contribute to a rich, healthy soil and an optimal environment for the crop to grow in. We believe this process is key to get the best return with the highest quality.

The Mills Nutrients product line is well arranged, versatile and easy to use.


Mills is the only nutrients producer to develop and market a bio-mineral line. Bio-mineral means that the fertilisers consist of both organic and synthetic components. The naturally composted animal and vegetable remains work together with inorganic substances. This innovative combination prevents the accumulation of salts in the soil. Thus, the Mills bio-mineral formula stimulates the plant exudates (sugars, amino acids, organic acids and carbohydrates) back into the growth medium, allowing and enhancing the absorption of both synthetic and organic elements. The soil is healthy, the environment is optimal and all nutritional elements the crop needs are available.


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